How to take control of the back-end of your business


If you have ever sat and wondered about hiring someone to join your team and perhaps taking the bold step of venturing into hiring a VA, only to stop and think that you just do not have the strength to go through the entire process of trying to find someone that a) you can trust, b) you can afford and c) who can actually do the job, then you are probably in a good place to be. Hear me out. Trying to manage and grow an entire business on your own is not realistic for your business, let alone for your sanity.

The first step in deciding how you should go about potentially hiring a VA is determining what you actually need help with. Taking time to write down what it is you battle with in your business and personally, whether that be all administrative tasks, organisation, processes, social media, and pretty much anything you really need to do, but do not have time to get done. Once you have your list in place, you will a) come to the realisation of how much time you can actually save by utilising the services of a VA and b) you will have a clear idea of what you should be outsourcing to save yourself a whole bunch of time and stress.

Why Using a Virtual Assistant will change your life

Looking at your list above, you probably already feel relieved at just the thought that someone else can handle these tasks for you, but on a serious note, a VA normally comes armed with years of executive assistance, social media management, organisational and systems management and marketing experience. Which may be the missing keys your business needs to push forward into the place where it needs to be.

How a VA can set up the back-end of your business like a Boss!

Once you have trained and on-boarded your VA properly, she can go ahead and set the following up for you:

  • Systems for your business
  • Processes to follow for ways of working going forward
  • On-boarding and training of any new staff or consultants
  • Liaising with customers on your behalf
  • Managing your entire schedule and meeting arrangements
  • Assisting you with your entire marketing function

If you are ready to get your business organised and ready for the new year, there is no time like now. To have a look at what services and tasks I can assist you with, click here.