Virtual Assistant

Tips for choosing the right VA for your business


At the rate that the use of Virtual Assistants are growing right now around the world, as more and more business owners lean towards outsourcing their admin, there is one important factor that I have picked up. There are tons of VA’s out there, but the quality of output is something that is not always good. Hiring a VA for your business, is like hiring an extension of you. This person must be able to think like you, take decisions like you and pretty much, needs to be as invested in your business as much as you are, otherwise it just won’t work.

Many business owners tend to be extremely hesitant to venture out and look for a VA to hire, as the experience they have had in the past, has not always been a pleasant one. But what should you be looking for in a VA really? There are actually quite a few qualities that your VA needs to possess over and above her skillset, and these are:

  1. Must show interest in you and your business
  2. Must stick to her word and take your tasks very seriously
  3. Must manage her time well
  4. Must be professional in her telephonic manner and overall approach
  5. Must be pro-active

Should you find a VA that meets the above criteria, HOLD ON TO HER … because with these qualities, you have found yourself a business partner, long-term.

Of course her skillset is equally important, so it would be good to find a VA that has the experience that you require in order to assist you with what your main business objectives may be. Your VA should definitely at the minimum, have the following background:

  1. Great organisation skills
  2. Completely tech savvy on a PC and systems
  3. Is able to take control of the back-end of your business and put systems and processes into place
  4. Must be able to work alongside your team should you have one
  5. Should be able to deal with all your clients and assist you to grow your business

Building a business has been your dream for the longest time, and therefore bringing a VA on into your business, should be a pleasant and easy experience. If you are leaning towards hiring one for your business, I would love to chat with you. I am a Virtual Assistant with 10+ years admin and personal assistance experience, and I assist busy small business owners and start-ups, as their right hand to build their businesses. Should this sound like something you may need, please feel free to email me here: .