LyndallWorks VA
Small Business ADMIN

LyndallWorks VA
Small Business ADMIN

LyndallWorks VA
Small Business ADMIN


here are the services I can assist you with

Personal Right Hand

From travel arrangements, online purchases, email inbox management, to-do list assistance, I am here to help you run your business.

Admin & Organising

If your company needs to get organised and fast, you have come to the right place! Let me assist you to get all your processes in place.

Marketing & Social Media

Marketing & social media are two things that have become non-negotiable for a small business. I can assist you with the entire process.

Blog Writing

Blogging is now one of the biggest tools to attract visitors to your website. I can assist you with content writing, blog posting and much more.

Event Management

Hiring an events company to manage your event or conference can be extremely costly. Let me help you get all the arrangements sorted.

Online Property Listings

It is becoming increasingly popular for estate agents to utilise VA's to assist with property listings, which is precisely where my expertise lie.


Guaranteed Quality of Work

Your business is safe in my capable hands. My biggest aim is to provide excellent turnaround on your tasks, as well as to provide you with a smooth client experience with me.


By using my services, you are saving on a bunch of costs that you would normally have to outlay for a full-time Personal Assistant. You get to keep more hours in your day, while I handle the rest for you.


My #1 goal is to establish a 1:1, distinctive relationship with you as my client. You will always have a friendly, professional and care-free experience using my VA services.



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Hi, I’m Lyndall Valentine. With over a decade of Personal Assistance, administration, property and marketing experience, I strive to create positive and professional relationships with my clients based on 5 core elements – Integrity, precision, persistence, punctuality and resourcefulness. My business provides a virtual service to business owners worldwide. Utilising my services will allow my clients to gain back so much more time in the day, so they can focus on actually running the business and ensuring success. I really dig into the back-end of your business to identify the weaknesses of the operational side of the business functions, to ensure that your business is run like a well-oiled machine going forward.

My love for entrepreneurship has always been in my blood, having run a successful networking business for many years, I have combined that with my passion for administrative processes and started up my own Virtual Assistant business. I am based in beautiful Umhlanga, South Africa and have two beautiful boys, who keep me grounded.

My ability to relate to people on various levels of business is truly unmatched. I consider myself a fighter. Having overcome breast cancer a few years ago, has truly taught me more about the importance of self-care and how important it is to value the time and people that we have on this earth. This has infiltrated into how well I can relate to my clients and the time restrictions you have in your own personal life. Of course your business is important to you, but I also understand the struggle in finding a healthy balance between work and family life, your self-development and your health. That is precisely why I am so passionate about assisting entrepreneurs like yourself, to take administrative and time-consuming burdens off your shoulders, so you can focus on actually building your brand but, also have enough time to focus on your home life.

My Fans

"Lyndall was always a consistent performer in the top tier of our sales group.  She is a hard worker who knows what she wants, sets a plan and goes after it with focus and  determination. She had a real feel for customer interaction and support, and strived to build good working relationships with customers, prospects and staff. I would have no hesitation in working with Lyndall again, or recommending her for any position.  She is exceptional at whatever she puts her mind to, and would be a real asset to any organisation. I can’t recommend Lyndall highly enough. I only wish that I could find people of her character and disposition on this side of the world. I would  re-hire Lyndall again in a heartbeat if she was available."

Clinton Gemmell
Senior Business Development Manager

"Lyndall is a highly motivated, efficient, hard working and strong individual. I would recommend Lyndall as an asset to any business owner. She works well under pressure and has the ability to use initiative in certain situations.
I wish her the best of luck with her new venture as a virtual assistant and have no doubt that she will make a huge success of this new venture."

Zvi Benadi
General Manager WOMAG Fourways


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